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2015-06-23Where can I call for help about doubts concerning the application regulations of general passports?
2013-11-05How do I apply for a citizen identity card for underage persons under or over 14 years of age?
2013-08-26Is it necessary to apply for death registration to the household registration office where the deceased made his/her household registration?
2013-08-26If a foreign spouse wishes to apply for naturalization in Taiwan, what are the standards for identifying basic language abilities and common sense of national rights and duties of a naturalized citizen?
2013-08-26Are marriages by ceremony still effective after May 23, 2008?
2013-08-26How do I apply for adoption registration?
2013-08-26How do I apply for adoption termination registration?
2013-08-26How do I apply for initial household registration?
2013-08-26After having left Taiwan for two years and the household registration office has completed the compulsory move-out registration, how do I recover household registration?
2013-08-26After being approved to restore nationality, what procedure should be followed and what documents should be prepared to apply for household registration?
2013-08-26What is purpose of amending marriage by ceremony to marriage by registration in the Civil Code?
2013-08-26Must the marriage registration date be the wedding date?
2013-08-26What should we do to apply for marriage registration on public holidays? Can we advance it?
2013-08-26Are group weddings organized by municipal or county (city) governments or civil marriages at a court of law effective after May 23, 2008?
2013-08-26For citizens who get married overseas, is the marriage registration date the effective date of marriage?
2013-08-26Who are the applicants of marriage registration?
2013-08-26At which household registration office should applicants register marriage?
2013-08-26What documents should be prepared for marriage registration?
2013-08-26Do we need to pay a marriage registration fee?
2013-08-26Can underage citizens apply for marriage registration?