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How do I apply for initial household registration?

Referring to Article 15 of the Household Registration Act, “Those who don’t have domestic household registration shall make Initial Household Registration if they meet one of the following: (1) An ROC citizen enters the country and has been approved to reside domestically.” Based on the above regulation, citizens without household registration wishing to reside in Taiwan should apply for household registration with reference to the “Immigration Act” and the “Regulations on Application for Residency in Taiwan for Taiwan Citizens without Household Registration” established by the National Immigration Agency (NIA) of the Ministry of the Interior. After being approved for residing in Taiwan by the NIA and obtaining the residency certificate, applicants should hold the residency certificate, the household register of the household they wish to register, and one photo complying with the specifications of new citizen identity card to apply for initial household registration to the jurisdiction household registration office of the place they current reside.