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Are marriages by ceremony still effective after May 23, 2008?

(1)    The marriage by registration policy was implemented on May 23, 2008. However, marriages by ceremony took place before and on May 22, 2008 are still effective, i.e., a marriage with an open ceremony and at least two witnesses are the requisites, even without registration.
(2)    After May 23, 2008, however, marriage registration is the only requisite of effective marriage. Hence, the date of marriage registration is the effective date of marriage. That is to say, even if a couple has completed their wedding, their marriage is not legally effective if they do not apply for marriage registration to the household registration office. Referring to Article 982 of the Civil Code, however, weddings are not “banned”. Citizens can still hold weddings according to personal needs or customs, provided that they must complete marriage registration at the household registration office to make their marriage legally effective.