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What should we do to apply for marriage registration on public holidays? Can we advance it?

(1)    Considering the marriage custom of citizens over time, the adaptation time of the amendment made to Article 982 of the Civil Code, convenient marriage registration service for citizens and the workforce adjustment of household registration offices, citizens can make marriage registration bookings with household registration offices when they wish to register marriage on weekends and public holidays. Household registration offices will confirm the date and time of marriage registration with applicants; notify them of the required documents for marriage registration and the need to renew their citizen identity card; ask if they need relevant household registration services: relocation registration and application for the extract of household registration; and inform them of the documents required evidence and ask them to provide the said documents of proof in advance for the household registration office to make advance review, so as to avoid invalid documents or incomplete documents on the marriage registration date.
(2)    Considering citizens’ complaint about the inconvenience to travel to the household registration office for marriage registration on the date of the traditional wedding and the toil of household registration personnel to work on public and national holidays, applicants can complete marriage registration at the household registration office three business days before the marriage registration date and specify the marriage registration date. Household registration offices should complete marriage registration on the date specified by applicants.