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If a foreign spouse wishes to apply for naturalization in Taiwan, what are the standards for identifying basic language abilities and common sense of national rights and duties of a naturalized citizen?

(1)    Proof of study in a domestic public or private school for at least one year.
(2)    Proof of participation for a certain number of hours, as specified below, in an educational program offered by government agencies (including courses organized by a government agency or an organization, a group, or a school commissioned or subsidized by the government):
  • Applicants for general naturalization: over 200 hours in total.
  • Applicants for special naturalization (e.g. spouse of a Taiwan citizen) aged 65 or those who have been a spouse of Taiwan citizens and responsible for the rights and obligations of underage children after the extinction of their marriage: over 72 hours in total.
  • Other applicants of special naturalization (adoptees of Taiwan citizens): over 100 hours in total.