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2013-08-26How do citizens under hospitalization or in custody of corrective facilities apply for marriage registration?
2013-08-26How do citizens apply for marriage registration when their household is compulsorily registered at the household registration office?
2013-08-26Household registration offices accept marriage registration bookings on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Do they also accept other household registration items or issue certificates on these days?
2013-08-26Baby bonus: Can we apply for the bonus for children born out of wedlock?
2013-08-26Baby bonus: If both parents of a newborn are deceased, can someone else apply for the bonus?
2013-08-26Baby bonus: Can I ask others to collect the bonus for me?
2013-08-26How do I apply for home service?
2013-08-26Can we apply for a new or re-issued citizen identity card from different districts?
2013-08-26After a foreign female marries a Taiwanese male or a foreign male marries a Taiwanese female, how do these foreign spouses apply for naturalization to Taiwan?
2013-08-26When a Taiwanese citizen gets married to a foreigner, how do they apply for marriage registration?
2013-08-26What are the rules governing the adoption and change of children’s last name? How do I apply for registration?
2013-08-26How do I register an adoption?
2013-08-26How do I report a lost citizen identity card and apply for re-issuing a lost citizen identity card?
2013-08-26Baby bonus: What are the requirements for distribution?
2013-08-26Baby bonus: What is the deadline for collection?
2013-08-26Baby bonus: Can we collect the baby bonus when applying for birth registration?
2013-08-26If I’ve never applied for a passport before but urgently need one, what application channels are faster?