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When a Taiwan citizen gets married with a foreigner (not from mainland China), how do they apply for marriage registration?

(1)    Required documents:
  • The household register, citizen identity card (passport for foreigners), and personal seal (or signature) of both parties.
  • The original copy of the marriage agreement.
  • When marrying a foreigner or a stateless person, applicants should submit a certificate of marital status; for marriage completed overseas, applicants should submit the marriage certificate issued overseas (both the original copy and the Chinese translation should be authenticated by a foreign office of Taiwan).
  • When marrying a citizen of mainland China, a Taiwan citizen should submit a marriage document (if relevant documents are issued in mainland China, they should be authenticated by the Strait Exchange Foundation with reference to relevant regulations), exit and entry permit of Taiwan (containing the “interview passed and approved for marriage registration” stamp affixed by the National Immigration Agency).
  • One half-length, full-faced color photo taken within the past two years of the bride or groom. Please refer to the specifications for “issue, re-issue, renewal” of citizen identity cards.
  • NT$50 for renewal of each citizen identity card and NT$30 for each copy of the household register.
(2)    Application methods: Both parties should make the application personally to any household registration offices.
(3)    Remarks
  • Documents in foreign languages should be authenticated by an overseas office of Taiwan.
  • Applicants completed marriage overseas and unable to apply for marriage registration personally may commission a third party to apply for marriage registration for them with a power of attorney. The power of attorney and documents in foreign languages and their Chinese translations should be authenticated by an overseas office of Taiwan.
  • An overseas office of Taiwan only authenticate documents in foreign languages specified in items 1 and 2; applicants should translate them into Chinese and have them authenticated by the court or a private notary public.
  • When marriage with a foreigner is effective and the foreign spouse is unable to apply for marriage registration in person, the other party should submit the “Agreement on the Use of Chinese Name”. If it is signed overseas, applicants should have it authenticated by an overseas office of Taiwan
  • After marriage registration, applicants must renew their citizen identity card. Please refer to the regulations for the issue, re-issue, and renewal of citizen identity cards for information regarding the handling time limit and required documents.
  • Referring to Article 982 of the Civil Code, after May 23, 2008, marriage should be made effective in writing with the signature of at least two witnesses and by registration to the household registration office.