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How do I apply for parentage registration?

The applicant of Registration of Parentage shall be the recognizer. If the recognizer does not make the application, the recognized may be the applicant. Applicants should prepare the following documents to apply to the household registration office:
  1. Biological father’s acknowledgement of paternity, court judgment and final verdict or relevant documents.
  2. The household register, citizen identity card, and personal seal (or signature) of the recognizer.
  3. The household register and citizen identity card of the recognized.
  4. The recognized should adopt the mother’s last name by principle. The recognized may choose to adopt the father’s last name by submitting the agreement on last name of the recognized signed by biological parents.
  5. A fee amounting to NT$50 and one photo (for renewing the citizen identity card). Please visit the MOI website at http://www.ris.gov.tw/ for photo specifications.