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After a foreign female marries a Taiwanese male or a foreign male marries a Taiwanese female, how do these foreign spouses apply for naturalization to Taiwan?

Applicants should apply for naturalization to the jurisdiction household registration office of their household by submitting the following documents:
  1. A naturalization application form.
  2. The original copy and Chinese translation of the documents indicating the loss of original nationality. These documents should be authenticated by an overseas office of Taiwan and re-authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When applicants can present evidence supporting that such documents are unavailable for reasons unattributed to them and these reasons are found true by the foreign affairs agencies through investigations, foreign affairs agencies will issue a verification document with a Chinese translation (the Chinese version may be authenticated by a private notary public in Taiwan).
  3. An alien resident certificate (ARC) or alien permanent resident certificate (APRC).
  4. An alien resident certificate and certificate of entry and exit dates (must comply with the sojourn for over 183 days each year for three consecutive years as prescribed in the Nationality Act).
  5. A criminal record during the sojourn in Taiwan.
  6. Proof of assets or professional skills sufficient to support independent or secure living in Taiwan.
  7. An extract of household registration with completed marriage registration.
  8. Certificates specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 in Article 3 of the Standards for Identification of Basic Language Abilities and Common Sense of National Rights and Duties of Naturalized ROC Citizens.
  9. Two 2.5” half-length photos (color or black and white).
  10. Certificate fee at NT$1,000.
※  Before naturalizing to Taiwan, please apply for naturalization candidacy to the household registration office also with the above documents, except for the certificate fee at NT$200 specified in paragraph 2.