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  1. Household Registration Service Items:
    • Identity registration (birth registration, adoption registration, fostering registration and its termination, marriage and divorce registration, guardianship registration, supplementary registration, registration for the rights and obligations of legal guardians of minors, death and death proclamation registration)
    • Initial household registration
    • Migration registration (registration for moving into/out of residence and alterations in address)
    • Separation and unification of household registration
    • Registration of the place of birth
    • Alteration and amendment of registration
    • Revocation of registration
    • Annulment of registration
    • Verification and registration of aboriginal identity
    • Registration of traditional and Wade-Gilos pinyin of aboriginal names
    • Registration of Wade-Gilos pinyin of the name of applicant for naturalisation
  2. Proof of Household Registry:
    Citizen identification card, household registry, household registration information (Household survey data during Japanese occupation, data for the deleted records of households in Taiwan during the post-war period, household registration transcript, English household registration transcript, data regarding immediate family members), verification of house number plaque, registration and verification of personal seals, certificate of marriage, English certificate of marriage, certificate of divorce, English certificate of divorce, household census data, marriage records, migration records, and name alteration records.
  3. Other Services:
    Verification of the identification of natural persons, passport identification authentication, cross-institution notification, educational status registration, house number plaque installation, nationality related transactions, naturalisation testing transactions, birth incentive rewards, etc.