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District Administration

(一)Strengthening the civil affairs networking system
To improve the living environment and living quality of citizens, CAB organizes local construction and spirit and ethic activities through the borough office to enhance borough involvement, so as to promote balanced development of the city. Based on the needs of each borough, a budget of NT$130,000 combining funds and resources is planned for local construction and spirit and ethic activities, so as to improve the service capability of borough heads.
(二)Online official document approval for 37 district offices
The digital certificate is applied to government administration to meet the “energy saving and emissions reduction” policy required by the Executive Yuan, shorten the processing time of official documents, enhance administration efficiency, and respond to the e-government requirements in the future.
(三)Multifaceted borough/neighborhood disaster prevention system
Based on the characteristics and needs of individual districts, the multifaceted borough/neighborhood disaster system is established with mobile phones, SMS, borough broadcasting systems, network communities, mobile apps, EMIC, and urban environment (disaster reporting) systems to protect the life and property of citizens.
(四)Borough officer e-urban environment inspection & reporting
CAB establishes the “Tainan City Urban Environment Inspection & Reporting—Borough Infrastructure Reporting System” to enable the officer of 37 districts in Tainan City to investigate and report cases regarding the maintenance of borough environment and infrastructure. The system is integrated with the online real-time service system of the Tainan City Government.
(五)Accident insurance for neighborhood heads
Considering the hard work of neighborhood heads, CAB arranges accident insurance for neighborhood heads. Benefits include NT$600,000 for accidental death, NT$500 for daily room and board (maximum 180 days), maximum medical claim NT$20,000/time, and disability benefits based on the grades of disability.
(六)Administration performance evaluation of 37 district offices
To optimize base-level organizations, demonstrate CAB’s oversight and management functions, improve work performance, and boost the service morale of employees of district offices, CAB evaluates the civil affair service and office administration of district offices and provides them with improvement advice, so as to improve the service and operation quality of district offices in the city.
(七)Training for administrative personnel
To improve the professional competencies of district/borough administrative personnel to smoothly implement public services, training is arranged for them with reference to major policies promoted by the city government.
(八)District/borough building promotion
District/borough building is promoted in terms of three aspects: resource integration, talent incubation, and youth participation to promote district/borough building through bottom-up perception.
(九)Neighborhood assembly (neighborhood residents seminar)

To gather public opinion, respond to public demand, and solve major problems in neighborhoods, CAB guides neighborhood residents to hold the neighborhood assembly (neighborhood resident seminar).