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Religion and Customs

  1. New Year Flag Raising Ceremony on every January 1.
  2. National Day Flag Raising Ceremony on every October 10.
  3. Public Ritual for Revolution Martyrs and Remembrance Day.
  4. 228 Peace Memorial Ceremony.
(二)Temple culture improvement
  1. To encourage religious groups in Tainan City to engage in philanthropic and social education business, CAB organizes commendation activities every year. Apart from expressing gratitude to religious groups for their outstanding performance, CAB hopes to attract and encourage more religious groups to engage more in philanthropy.
  2. To urge temples to emphasize normal folk culture development and reduce burning incenses and fireworks, CAB has established a reporting system (Environmental Protection Bureau pollution report hotline: 2605954 and national toll-free report hotline: 0800066666).
  3. CAB guides religious groups to engage in philanthropic and social education business and manage business affairs with reference to their own articles of organization to improve the quality of religious groups.
  4. During Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, CAB provides guidance for Taizigong Temple in Sinying to organize the Nezha (Third Prince) Electronic Music and Dance Fair, the Wumiao (State Temple of the Martial God) in Yanshuei to organize the Tainan Yanshuei Beehive Fireworks Festival, and the Luermen Mazu Temple to organize the International Fireworks Show, so as to increase the number of visitors in Tainan.
(三)Deity group and ancestor worship guild property clearance: The property of deity groups and ancestor worship guilds is investigated with reference to the Act for Ancestor Worship Guild and the Cadastral Clearance Act. CAB guides district offices to implement the cadastral clearance of property of deity groups and ancestor worship guilds and assist them in applying for the successor system data. CAB also reviews the property clearance data of deity groups and ancestor worship guilds accepted by different district offices.
(四)16-year-old puberty activity
  1. CAB guides temples and religious groups in Tainan City to organize the 16-year-old puberty blessing and thanksgiving activities.
  2. CAB also organizes the 16-year-old puberty activity.

(五)Group wedding: To encourage citizens to simplify wedding ceremonies and to promote thriftiness to society, CAB organizes group weddings to demonstrate how to value marriage with thriftiness and give citizens a happy and sweet wedding memories. CAB also asks household registration offices to help couples to complete marriage registration.