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Household Administration

(一)Fixing plummeting birth rate with baby bonus: To encourage Tainan citizens to have children and appreciate the toil new parents have suffered, the Tainan City Government has established the “Directions for Releasing Baby Bonus”. The bonus includes NT$6,000 for the first newborn and NT$12,000 for the second newborn and onwards.
(二)One-stop (single window) service for citizens, volunteer service, and office service environment improvement.
  1. Integrating with social resources and civilian power to enforce volunteer service.
  2. Easy application for household registration extract for students to apply for student loans.
  3. Home service for elderly or handicapped people.
  4. Guidance for district household registration offices to implement greening and beautification to improve the office environment and OA equipment, so as to give employees a better working mood and thereby enhance service quality.
(三)Promotion of household and conscription administration IT system integration and household data digitization.
  1. Promotion of offsite household registration services to enhance work efficiency of citizen services.
  2. Promotion of household and conscription administration IT system integration across agencies to achieve data sharing.
(四)Implementation of care and guidance services for foreign and Chinese spouses to improve their daily life adaptability.
  1. Forming a taskforce and integrating the resources of relevant units to combine the horizontal and vertical communication mechanisms.
  2. Reinforced supervision of assistance for Chinese and foreign spouses in applying for household registration and relevant guidance of all household registration offices.