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Why does Tainan City promote and issue the “Tainan Civil Card”?

  1. To implement smart technology in daily life, the Tainan City Government plans to launch the “Tainan Civil Card” in April 2015. It is a smart electronic stored-value card divided into four types based on the status of citizens: Babe Card, Student Card (digital student card), Adult Card, and Welfare Card, and “one citizen one card” is the basic principle. The Tainan Civil Card is an exclusive tie between Tainan City and its citizens, aiming to enhance citizens’ city commitment.
  2. Each “Tainan Civil Card” incorporates public transport ticket (except for the Minor Card), public library card, parking fee payment, fee payment, and e-purse (small amount purchase and deduction) functions, so as to save trouble from handling change.