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What documents should be prepared for establishing a mortuary service business?

(1)Tainan City Government Application for Establishment of Mortuary Service Business.


(2)The photocopy of the identity documents of applicant (including the photocopy of identity documents of the agent and the power of attorney when applying through an agent), the photocopy of identity documents of the company/shop, and the partnership agreement if it is run by partnership.


(3)The photocopy of the preliminary check documents of Tainan City Government (Business Administration Section, Economic Development Bureau).


(4)The photocopy of the ownership certificate of the business location.

  • Transcript of land and building registration and ownership certificates.
  • Land/building use license.
  • Certificate of land use zoning in urban planning.
  • Power of attorney of property use of the business location or the photocopy of the lease (skip if the property is owned by the applicant).

(5)Documents of exemption from land/building use license change(Land/Building Use Administration Section, Public Works Bureau)

(6) Copy of house tax payment receipt

(7) Copy of proof of address plate (Household Registration Office)

(8) Description of mortuary service abilities

  • Relevant licenses
  • Product or service items and contracts
  • Price or charge list
  • List of full-time funeral directors (skip if paragraph 3 of Article 45 of the Mortuary Service Administration Act does not apply).

(9)Statement of compliance (only for use as office, not as showroom).


(10)Two copies of the application form and relevant documents, and affix the company seal and personal chop of the statutory representative to the photocopies and indicate, “This photocopy version is true to the original.