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What documents should be prepared for temple registration?

Please prepare the following documents for temple registration:
  1. A temple registration application form
  2. The identity documents (the photocopy of both sides of the citizen identity card or the extract of household registration) of the temple’s responsible person.
  3. The list of temple registration status.
  4. The list of ritual objects.
  5. The list of believers or deacons and a power of attorney.
  6. Articles of organization or management and minutes of the believer general meeting or deacon board meeting.
  7. The seal and chop of the temple and its responsible person.
  8. Building use license (for temple use).
  9. Extract of constructional improvement registration or constructional improvement register and transcript of land registration/land register.
  10. Photos of temple appearance and main deity worshipped by the temple.
  11. Documents indicating the superior religion association (skip when none).
  12. Agreement of donation and seal certificate of land and building owners.