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What documents should be prepared for temple property disposition?

Please prepare the following documents for temple property disposition:
  1. The photocopy of the temple registrations or legal entity registrations.
  2. The photocopy of the articles of organization of the temple (skip when none).
  3. The photocopy of the records regarding the disposition or change resolution made by the resolution body specified in the temple’s articles of organization or the records of legal entity (e.g. believer general meeting, deacon board, board of directors) entitled to dispose or change the temple’s real estate or ritual objects.
  4. The photocopy of the list of believers, list of deacons, or list of directors approved and reported to competent authorities.
  5. The list of the real estate or ritual objects for disposition or change.
  6. Other data related to disposition or change (for evaluating if the transaction price is equivalent to the market price).
  7. No donation to individuals or private groups.