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What services are available from the borough (community) activity center?

(1) Public activities such as the borough assembly, local infrastructure seminar, borough/ neighborhood report meeting, community assembly, etc. or philanthropic activities such as health education and epidemic prevention promotional activities and tour health care service for remote areas.
(2) Computer, yoga, calligraphy, and folk dance classes, etc. (Please visit the Tainan City Borough/Community Activity Center Portal at http://tnda.tainan.gov.tw/acthouse/ or contact local district offices for details.)
(3) The Borough (Community) Activity Center Art Festival is held during July to October every year for citizens to participate in local art and cultural activities. Events in the activity include exhibitions such as professional craftworks and calligraphy or craft works of schools of all levels; performances such as the joint or talent performance of schools and civilian performing groups. (Details of the activity will be posted on the Latest News section of the Tainan City Government Website or the Tainan City Borough/Community Activity Center Portal.)