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Civil affairs are the root of public affairs. Therefore, local government election, district and borough organization, public opinion gathering, religious group guidance, household registration, draftee enlistment, and affairs relating to the everyday life of citizens are all the duties of this bureau.
※   Mission
Externally, the Civil Affairs Bureau (CAB) oversees all district offices, household registration offices, and the Mortuary Service Office in the city. Internally, CAB assists all departments in implementing self-government, district administration, religion and customs affairs, funeral business administration, household administration, and conscription by the law. As CAB has close connections with districts and boroughs and the daily life of citizens, it is the best coordinator between the government and districts and boroughs. By integrating government and local resources, CAB enforces various civil policies to maintain public wellbeing.
※   Vision

With “service” as the core value, CAB improves the quality of service for citizens of district offices; establishes the district/borough contact mechanism to understand the condition and hardship of citizens and promote various convenient services and measures for citizens; makes full use of idle land and activity centers to build beautiful and happy homes; optimizes religion, folkloric and cultural affairs to provide quality funeral and burial services; and provides voluntary, all-round enlistment services for draftees; so as to benefit all citizens and maximize the service function of the city government.