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Funeral Business Administration Section

(一)Establishment (amendment) of self-government ordinances for funeral business administration
  1. Mortuary facility management and requital.
  2. Civilian mortuary services special account and mortuary service subsidies for low-income families.
  3. Collection, disbursement, custody, and utilization of the Mortuary Services Administration Fund.
  4. Application for collection and disposal of bone ashes.
  5. Requital for public mortuary facility locations.
(二)Publicity and promotion of mortuary service reformation
  1. Education of correct funeral and burial concepts for the public and establishment of appropriate ceremonies.
  2. Implementation of mortuary facility and mortuary services administration; reinforcement of banning illegal mortuary service providers and implementation of mortuary facility and mortuary services rating and reward.
  3. Investigation of the mortuary services provided by Buddhist monasteries, temples, churches, and other religious groups.
  4. Preventing illegal burial; reinforced education and banning of illegal burial; overseeing city offices to implement full-scale investigation, control, and follow-up.
  5. Organization of training/education and demonstration activities for mortuary management (service) personnel.
  6. Provision of mortuary service information for consumers and handling consumer complaints about mortuary services.
(三)Renewal and improvement of old public cemeteries
  1. Guidance for renewing traditional public cemeteries; promotion of turning public cemeteries into parks and space revitalization and reuse of public cemeteries.
  2. Guidance for strengthening the management and environment cleanup of public cemeteries in all districts by adding greening and beautification facilities and optimizing outbound transportation.